Click on the map below where you want to travel to/from, and we'll calculate where it is faster to cycle or use public transport!

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Questions, answers and excuses:

What is going on here?

Click a point on the map to choose a place to start from. If you are travelling to any parts of the map coloured green, then it is faster to cycle rather than take public transport. For the purple parts it is faster to take public transport.

Where does all your data come from?

Public transport and cycle times both come from Transport for London's Journey Planner tool. We've used mid-week, peak-time travel time.

Cycle times are for an average person, not on a Boris Bike. You may be slower or quicker.

What methods of public transport are included?

We include: buses, the Underground, the Overground, trams, walking (if the quickest way), proper trains.

We don't include: cycling or boats.

I disagree with the times/the map looks wrong to me!

Don't hate the data, hate the data generator.

Journey Planner is the source of our data. If you can cycle faster or change trains quicker than Journey Planner assumes, then an inaccurate map is the price you pay for being awesome.

Why is the overlay a strange shape?

We only have travel time data for inside the M25 (the orbital motorway around London). Therefore the overlay is constrained to the M25.

Why are there green spots in purple areas or purple spots in green areas?

A purple spot in a green area is likely to be centered on a train/underground station. This small area may be quicker to get to by public transport than by bike.

A green spot in a purple area is likely to be away from suitable public transport stops. This means that it is quicker to cycle, because it would require a long walk to get from the nearest transport stop.

Something didn't work/I want to talk to you!

Please head over to the Feedback page! We'd love to hear from you.