The map below shows the average travel time, by public transport, to every other postcode in London.
    Average travel time (minutes)
  • Less than 60
  • 60 - 75
  • 75 - 90
  • 90 - 105
  • 105 - 120
  • More than 120

Questions, answers and excuses:

What is going on here?

The map shows the average time it would take to get to every other postcode in London, by public transport.

Public transport includes: buses, the underground, the overground, 'proper' trains, walking and trams. The quickest method(s) are used.

Where does all your data come from?

The data is from Transport for London's Journey Planner tool.

We have collected travel times for over 1.6 million journeys around London. This is the same data that powers our awesome commute time minimising property search.

I prefer cycling to spending an hour underground

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How do I see the prices of properties along each tube line?

Check out our "Prices by tube line" widget. It's pretty clever (promise).

Something didn't work/I want to talk to you!

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